I love camping. The rawness & simplicity make my soul sing and when we (casually) promised ourselves at the beginning of the year that we would camp every second weekend… I was hopeful we would at least get out once a month.

Well, it’s August and we are thirty-two weekends down, and have stayed at over 15 different spots in Western Australia in 2018. This is not bad considering a couple of weeks in Europe came in between. I know for certain that it has made a huge difference to my mental and physical health.

It’s winter in Australia now, so the camp trips have slowed down, sadly. I have a few weeks off in October if anybody has some recommendations for my next adventure!

Here are some camping photos from this year.   Please ask me questions.   I’d love this to be a more interactive blog post.

2 replies on “Half way through the year and 11 camping adventures down!

  1. Any tips on a couple of your favourite spots up to now? If you are Perth based I’d say go explore some of Jarrahdale State Forest. I’ve been loving it there recently. Lots of beautifully diverse country and secluded camps, plus some amazing flowing gullies and the wildflowers are out now too! Good on ya for getting 11 trips down anyhow. This year I’ve been able to make it out 2, maybe 3 times a month on average, which is still not enough for my liking ahaha >.< Sounds like you know the feeling. That Troopy is epic as well, I got an old HZJ75 Troopy recently and it's a dream!


    1. I have been told Jarrahdale is a wonderful (& close!) place to explore. Denmark is my fave. I just LOVE it down there but then the desert clears my head like nothing else can. Sounds like you’re leaving the dream! Enjoy ❤️🏕


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