imageLike a lot of us, I’m a slave to the daily grind. Mine is the corporate sector & to be frank, sometimes I struggle to feel like I’m ME during my work week. To counter the effects of this, I try my hardest to fill my spare time with personal growth, people connection, animal love and getting out in nature somehow.

Which is what this blog is about. It is a journal of my journey. My stories will tell you how I’m discovering the woman I want to be, one I admire, and the adventures I embark on (big & small) to get me there. AND BEYOND. Because for my ideal person to be truly good, she must be forever evolving.

Balance is my mantra. I hope throughout our journey together, you will see me strive for it in everything I do & all that I am.

Thank you for your time, to share this with me.

Love & light,