I am solar powered, and wintertime withers me. I live and work in a beautiful city called Perth, in Western Australia, which if you’ve never heard of it, has hot summers and fairly mild cold days in comparison to other places. Nevertheless, after my first winter holiday to the north in 2015 I was hooked, and it has become what I like to coin:

My annual pilgrimage to Gnaraloo, chasing the sun.

To begin this story, I should insert a disclaimer that this special place is loaded with “secret spots” and out of respect to the locals, surfers and fishermen I won’t divulge them on here however, if you ever make it there yourself, all I can say to you is EXPLORE, EXPLORE, EXPLORE! And let the magic fill your days…

I can talk for hours on all I love about these trips but for this blog post I want to focus on 2 key themes:

  1. Why this place, for me; and
  2. Camping tips for women. Without going into the nitty gritty of camping.

The journey starts in Perth, and takes 14 hours in a 4WD packed to the hilt with everything we need to survive 10+ days camping in the desert. I do love a good road trip. Small town bakery pit stops. Dirty bare feet up on the dash. And on this particular trip, watching the sky clear of its clouds and turn from grey to an endless blue. The exact same point we know it is warm enough to open up the windows and let our hair blow wildly in the wind.

We sleep in swags or a rooftop tent. Surfing and hiking are the best ways to experience the unforgettable sunsets. Everybody is friendly & evenings are spent around somebody’s campfire drinking, sharing stories & listening to the booming shorey… unless it’s pizza night. On pizza night you’d be silly not to head down for one of Mons’ with the lot (minus anchovies for me).

Camping at Gnaraloo is raw, showcasing nature in all its grandeur. The night skies will mesmerise you, bright like daylight after watching a full moon rise or humbling when filled with countless twinkling stars. Whether you explore the desert, cliffs or secluded beaches you won’t realise you’ve actually been holding your breath in awe.


imageWe do a lot of good things with camp food, but the one I’ll mention here is a mason jar salad. They keep fresh for 5-7 days in a fridge. Pour out conveniently into a bowl, ready for consumption.

They’re healthy! Have them on their own or with freshly caught fish, ham, chicken, or steak.

imageLike a lot of women I know, I suffer from bloating after eating and over time have learned what things to avoid to reduce the likelihood of it happening.

Now to the things I pack and do, to keep hygienic and feeling good. The stuff not written / shown here are fairly standard, bearing in mind we camp with no running water so it gets quite rough!


  • Eyelash curler & mascara
  • Razor. Bring it.
  • Intimate wash
  • Toilet paper. I keep my own little stash handy, in a zip lock bag with a few tampons and hand sanitiser. Always.

**note: I need to update the product grid. It should be Mecca – In a Good Light Tinted Moisturiser. Sorry!

Every 1-2 days I boil a small pot of water and pour it into a bowl. I use this to wash my hands, underarms, um, nether regions and feet, in that order. I will then recycle that water to wash my underwear.

On that note I’m done! First blog post. I hope you enjoyed it xx

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